Céu: Rainha




Céu (vocals)


Céu (Six Degrees 1129)

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Céu (vocals),

Beto Villares (guitar, keyboards), Pepe Cisneros (percussion, electric bass), Pupillo (drums), Lucas Martins (guitar)


Composed by Céu


Recorded: No date given; CD released in 2005


Rating: 87/100 (learn more)

In the old days, you made your name on the Ed Sullivan show. Today singers dream about counter space at Starbucks. But Céu (pronounced Sayou) has achieved an even higher level of stardom - her photo was plastered on a huge freestanding display for Starbucks' Brazilian Ipanema beans. No tiny countertop case for this singer. Perhaps the fact that she looks like a fashion model played some small role in this marketing decision. Céu also has lots of caffeine in her songs, which capture a nice, danceable groove. I would listen to this track just for the percussion part, which is a real delight. True, the irresistible rhythm is a bigger draw than the vocals; but this is an impressive performance, nonetheless, for Céu's debut release in the U.S.

Reviewer: Ted Gioia

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