Krzysztof Komeda: Astigmatic





Astigmatic (Power Bros 00125)

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Krzysztof Komeda (piano), Tomasz Stanko (trumpet), Zbigniew Namyslowski (alto sax), Gunter Lenz (bass), Rune Carlson (drums).

Recorded: Warsaw, December 1965


Rating: 98/100 (learn more)

Long regarded as a bona fide pioneer of European jazz, Komeda’s day job until his death in 1969 was writing music for films, in which capacity he was closely associated with Roman Polanski (Knife in the Water, Rosemary’s Baby). Astigmatic has become a bellwether for European jazz, with critics pointing to how this album marked a shift away from the dominant American approach with the emergence of a specific European aesthetic. In terms of structure (ad hoc song forms that had a lot to do with Komeda’s film writing), its improvisational and rhythmic approach, Astigmatic represents a fresh approach and a different way of hearing and playing jazz.

Reviewer: Stuart Nicholson


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