Lee Ritenour & Larry Carlton: Closed Door Jam


Closed Door Jam


Lee Ritenour (guitar) and Larry Carlton (guitar)


Larry & Lee (GRP GRD-9817)

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Lee Ritenour (guitar), Larry Carlton (guitar), Omar Hakim (drums),

Rick Jackson (keyboards), Melvin Davis (bass)


Composed by Larry Carlton


Recorded: Hollywood, 1995


Rating: 92/100 (learn more)

"Closed Door Jamb" might sound like an episode of This Old House, but the carpenters in this case are the leading L.A. jazz guitarists of their generation. Their styles are really quite different. Carlton is more bluesy, bending and sliding la B.B. King, whereas Ritenour favors crisp, precise runs. Even so, they complement one another splendidly. Nobody gets cut, and all the rough edges are neatly smoothed off. Moreover excuse us, the phone just rang. Hello? Yes, we're reviewing "Closed Door Jamb." What? It's "Closed Door Jam." Well, that's different. Never mind. Good music, though.

Reviewer: Alan Kurtz


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