Mike Gibbs: And On the Third Day


And On the Third Day


Michael Gibbs


Michael Gibbs (Deram 844 907-2)

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Big band led by Mike Gibbs, and including Kenny Wheeler, Henry Lowther, Derek Watkins (trumpet); Chris Pyne, Bobby Lamb (trombone); John Surman, Alan Skidmore, Ray Warleigh, Mike Osborne (reeds); Chris Spedding (guitar), Jack Bruce (bass), John Marshall, Tony Oxley (drums), plus French horns, tuba, percussion and cellos


Composed and arranged by Mike Gibbs


Recorded: London, 1970


Rating: 98/100 (learn more)

When “Sweet Rain” became the title track of a Stan Getz album, everyone wanted to know who composed it. It was Mike Gibbs, and this, his debut album marked him out as a major talent. “And On the Third Day” is the album’s highspot, with its wonderful legato phrasing, lazy rhythmic feel and superb solos from Pyne, Surman and a “final melee” where Skidmore and Osborne join Surman. No big band had sounded like this, thanks to a combination of masterful orchestration and sensitive interpretation. Gibbs would go on to great things, but like a novelist with a celebrated debut, would not top this maiden voyage. But then, neither would anyone else.

Reviewer: Stuart Nicholson


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