Ron Carter: Someday My Prince Will Come


Someday My Prince Will Come


Ron Carter (bass)


Dear Miles (Blue Note 92547)

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Ron Carter (bass), Stephen Scott (piano), Payton Crossley (drums), Roger Squitero (percussion).

Composed by Frank E. Churchill and Larry Morey


Recorded: Avatar Studios, New York, February 18, 2006


Rating: 88/100 (learn more)

Ron Carter's ensembles often bring a wry sense of humor to their performances. This song is especially susceptible to tongue-in-cheek interpretation. Snow White's bedtime song for dwarfs somehow made its strange path from (Walt) Disney to (Miles) Davis -- probably via Dave Brubeck, who handled the first jazz recording of the tune in 1957. Carter starts with a brief homage to the famous intro from Miles' classic recording, before unfolding his elaborate variations. The melody floats around in a calming lilt before entering the turbulence of a queasy turnaround, which seems undecided on whether to modulate or stay in B flat. Pianist Scott proceeds to test out wry Monkish dissonances, polytonal games with the melody, and a bit of hard bop funkiness -- trying on various costumes in an attempt to discover his own musical identity. When we return to the melody, we are temporarily in the key of B -- a key that Snow White reportedly detested -- but we soon get back to where we started, with that throbbing Paul Chambers pedal point, followed by a rubato coda. Unfortunately all seven dwarfs were still awake and demanding an encore.

Reviewer: Ted Gioia

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