Howard Alden & George Van Eps: I Surrender, Dear


I Surrender, Dear


Howard Alden (seven-string electric guitar) and George Van Eps (seven-string electric guitar)


Seven and Seven (Concord 4584)

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Howard Alden (seven-string electric guitar), George Van Eps (seven-string electric guitar).

Composed by Harry Barris & Gordon Clifford


Recorded: Hollywood, CA, December 7, 1992


Rating: 89/100 (learn more)

Although the guitar may appear ancient, the modern instrument with six single strings has been the standard for only 200 years, having evolved to expand the range of precursors with four or five paired strings. In the 1930s, jazzman George Van Eps upped the ante by adding another bass string. (This one goes to seven!) Half a century later, the 79-year-old pioneer was joined by his ex-student Howard Alden, a mere pup of 34, for this unaccompanied duet, accounting for 14 strings vibrating sympathetically—the jazz version of quantum physicists' string theory. Impeccably, imperturbably, a shopworn ballad becomes 7th heavenly.

Reviewer: Alan Kurtz

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