Enrico Rava: The Pilgrim and the Stars


The Pilgrim and the Stars


Enrico Rava (trumpet)


The Pilgrim and the Stars (ECM 1063)

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Enrico Rava (trumpet), John Abercrombie (guitar), Jon Christensen (drums), Palle Danielsson (bass).

Composed by Enrico Rava


Recorded: Ludwigsburg, Germany, June 1975


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

"Contemporary Italian jazz can be said to have begun with Enrico Rava," critic Michael Zwerin has written. Rava is still recording for ECM more than three decades after the release of The Pilgrim and the Stars, and though his work has continued to evolve and mature, this early outing demonstrates the core virtues of his style -- a warm, inviting tone, especially rich in the lower register; great phrasing with lots of variety; a fluent technical command of the instrument; and very smart use of space and dynamics. Kudos (again) to ECM for hunting out deserving musicians such as Rava and bringing them to the attention of the global jazz audience.

Reviewer: Ted Gioia

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