The Spirits of Rhythm: My Old Man


My Old Man


The Spirits of Rhythm


Spirits of Rhythm 1932-1941 (Retrieval RTR 79004)

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Leo Watson, Wilbur Daniels, Douglas Daniels (vocals, tiples); Teddy Bunn (guitar), Wilson Myers (bass), Virgil Scroggins (vocals, drums)


Composed by Johnny Mercer & Bernie Hanighen


Recorded: New York, October 24, 1933


Rating: 93/100 (learn more)

"My Old Man" is one of those And yet songs. God knows, alcoholic fathers are no joke. They can be destructive, irresponsible, exploitative and abusive. Even the least obnoxious shame their families and strain the resources of society. And yet this warmly affectionate song shows the redemptive qualities of humor and forgiveness. "He's only doin' the best he can," the Spirits of Rhythm absolve. Aren't we all? Caveat: as of January 2008, this 1996 Dutch import CD remained the most readily available source of "My Old Man," but audio is subpar on a track obviously remastered from a worn shellac disk.

Reviewer: Alan Kurtz


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