Anders Widmark: Raga Muffin Man


Raga Muffin Man


Anders Widmark (piano)


Soul Piano (Emarcy Universal 986623)

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Anders Widmark (piano), Mattias Welin (bass), Jonas Helgersson (drums), Micke NIlsson (percussion).

Composed by Anders Widmark


Recorded: Stockholm, Sweden, June 8, 2002


Rating: 88/100 (learn more)

There is not much Indian raga in "Raga Muffin Man," but you will find a double dose of flat thirds and flat sevenths. Imagine if Ramsey Lewis grew up in Sweden, and picture the 'In Crowd' transplanted to Stockholm. An unexpected image perhaps, but it gives you some sense of Anders Widmark and his seriously funky piano playing. When the jazz snobs tells you that Europeans don't really get down, play this song and watch their jaws drop.

Reviewer: Ted Gioia

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