Buddy DeFranco: Out of Nowhere


Out of Nowhere


Buddy DeFranco (clarinet)


1949-52 Studio Performances (Hep CD 77)

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Buddy DeFranco (clarinet), Bernie Glow (trumpet), Louis Mucci (trumpet), Al Porcino (trumpet), George Arus (trombone), Billy Byers (trombone), Fred Zito (trombone), Eddie Caine (alto sax), Tom Mace (alto sax), Stan Kosow (tenor sax), Gerry Sanfino (tenor sax), Danny Bank (baritone sax), Jimmy Raney (guitar), Jimmy Lyon (piano), Leonard DeFranco (bass), Morey Feld (drums).

Compsed by Allie Wrubel and Ned Washington


Recorded: New York, February 19, 1951


Rating: 96/100 (learn more)

At this writing, DeFranco continues to be an excellent musician playing an instrument that fell out of favor early in his career. Although he was certainly on the level of Benny Goodman and Artie Shaw, DeFranco was never able to cash in on his incredible playing the way his heroes did. After stints with Tommy Dorsey (his clarinet solo on the recording of "Opus No. 1" remains a classic) and Boyd Raeburn, DeFranco fronted an excellent small group before trying his luck as a big band leader. The band only lasted a few months before DeFranco joined Norman Granz's stable of soloists who toured all over the world. This track comes from DeFranco's first MGM session with an all-star studio ensemble recorded before the touring edition was formed. Under a straightforward ensemble background, DeFranco states the melody in an equally straightforward manner during the first chorus. The improvised solo in the second chorus begins in the low register, and maintains this easygoing feeling until the 'B' section. Then DeFranco cuts loose in a breathless burst of bop for another chorus and a half, even throwing in a quote from "Fascinating Rhythm." The result stuns and grips the listener with the sheer virtuosity and melodic beauty of DeFranco's art. The record seems to be over before it has started.

Reviewer: Jeff Sultanof

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