Michael Blake: Ghostlines




Michael Blake (tenor sax, soprano sax)


Amor de Cosmos (Songlines 1567)

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Michael Blake (tenor sax, soprano sax), Chris Gestrin (acoustic and electric piano),

Sal Ferreras (marimba)


Recorded: The Factory, Vancouver. September 15, 2005


Rating: 96/100 (learn more)

The idea of resolution – of disorder seeking out (and finally discovering) order – is an attractive one to the human psyche. It's why most people (count me out) prefer the “Hollywood ending” in their movies. “Ghostlines” is a terrific improvisation that tricks the listener into thinking “all is well” before disorder has its way. Beginning with a long, foggy duet of sorts between Blake's airy saxophone and some damaged Gestrin piano clusters. (Or was that the marimba? The fog can play tricks on us.) It becomes apparent that a theme is forming as some chiming marimba notes do appear, followed by the piano playing counterpoint. But just when resolution is in our grasp, most of the instruments drop away, leaving the saxophone walking off into the mist.

Reviewer: Mark Saleski


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