Erroll Garner: Laura




Erroll Garner (piano)


Serenade to Laura (Savoy Jazz 17218)

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Erroll Garner (piano), John Levy (bass),

George DeHart (drums)


Composed by David Raksin & Johnny Mercer


Recorded: New York, September 25, 1945


Rating: 95/100 (learn more)

The hardboiled jazzman went to the dead girl's apartment to work, not fall in love. Her friends were staging a wake and required mood music. But that portrait over the mantle got to him. Slouched at the baby grand, caressing the popular theme from a mystery film, he sensed those delicately drawn eyes gazing into him. She was more mysterious than any movie, lovelier than anything coaxed from a baby grand. But suddenly, cruelly, the mood was shattered as a radio across the airshaft began blaring Spike Jones's send-up of the song. When the hardboiled jazzman left that night, he had $15 in his pocket and a hole in his heart.

Reviewer: Alan Kurtz

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