George Shearing: I'll Remember April


I'll Remember April


George Shearing (piano)


The Definitive George Shearing (Universal 589857)

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George Shearing (piano), Chuck Wayne (guitar), John Levy (bass), Denzil Best (drums), Marjorie Hyams (vibes).

Composed by Gene De Paul, Don Raye & Patricia Johnston


Recorded: New York, December 12, 1949


Rating: 95/100 (learn more)

"The fire will dwindle into glowing ashes," goes the lyric. "For flames and love live such a little while." Depressing stuff for a love song, huh? Not that it applies to George Shearing's instrumental, which is still warm 60 years after ignition. At a listener-friendly medium tempo, Shearing reminisces of springtime past via his trademark gauzy, behind-the-beat, vibes/piano/guitar unisons, ending with one of his droll intimations of a church bell pealing amidst the English countryside. So, when next you're in the mood, gather 'round the embers, cast off those mittens and booties, and remember April. Just don't forget George Shearing.

Reviewer: Alan Kurtz


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