Karrin Allyson: All I Want


All I Want


Karrin Allyson (vocals, shaker)


Wild for You (Concord 2220)

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Karrin Allyson (vocals, shaker), Gil Goldstein (piano),

Paul Smith (electric piano), Danny Embrey (guitar), Rod Fleeman (solo guitar), Bob Bowman (bass), Todd Strait (drums)


Arranged by Gil Goldstein, Composed by Joni Mitchell


Recorded: Sear Sound, Studio C, New York, Dec. 13-16, 2003


Rating: 88/100 (learn more)

Allyson livens up Joni Mitchell's ode with a lively Jamaican beat, courtesy of Gil Goldstein's overheated imagination -- the same mastermind behind the accordion version of Abbey Lincoln's "Throw It Away." What's next? A salsa rendition of Nick Drake? A Strauss waltz in 5/4? But this stop-and-start groove grows on me with each repeated listening. Hidden in the interstices of Joni Mitchell's Blue album are hints of island life that the rest of us missed. The wind was blowing from Africa, and all that jazz. Allyson picks up on these bohemian themes and brings them to the forefront. She's playing this one for fun, and I can practically see the band balancing colorful rum cocktails with tiny umbrellas on their amps.

Reviewer: Ted Gioia

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