Matthew Shipp: Key Swing


Key Swing


Matthew Shipp (piano), Joe Morris (bass), and Whit Dickey (drums)


Piano Vortex (Thirsty Ear 57180)

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Matthew Shipp (piano), Joe Morris (bass), Whit Dickey (drums).

Composed by Matthew Shipp


Recorded: MPI Studios. New York, February 28, 2007


Rating: 91/100 (learn more)

A late-night, on-the-prowl groove permeates this compelling track. Shipp's solo is a striking example of what Gunther Schuller called, in an influential 1958 essay, thematic improvisation -- in essence, the solo develops and reworks a small number of musical motives, drawn primarily (in this instance) from the melody of Shipp's composition. And don't miss Shipp's acerbic comping chords, tonal clusters that bite and sting. Where other pianists stretch out, Shipp digs in more deeply. A gritty performance.

Reviewer: Ted Gioia

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