Bill Evans & Jim Hall: Darn That Dream


Darn That Dream


Bill Evans (piano) and Jim Hall (guitar)


Undercurrent (Blue Note B2-90583)

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Bill Evans (piano), Jim Hall (guitar).

Composed by Jimmy Van Heusen & Eddie De Lange


Recorded: New York, May 14, 1962


Rating: 100/100 (learn more)

Nearly six years of an average lifespan, scientists calculate, are spent dreaming. The ancients considered dreams prophetic, even divinely inspired. Moderns subject the process to rigorous physiological and psychological analysis. Yet dreams continue to defy understanding. No one knows for sure what purpose, if any, dreaming serves for either body or mind. Some philosophers posit that life itself is but a dream. Meanwhile, artists such as Bill Evans and Jim Hall open waking windows into the dream world, where time and logic are suspended, and beauty treads so softly a sleeping child is undisturbed. This "Dream" truly is divinely inspired.

Reviewer: Alan Kurtz

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