Craig Yaremko: Sync




Craig Yaremko (reeds)


Sync (Jazz Excursion 113)

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Craig Yaremko (reeds), Nathan Eklund (trumpet, flugelhorn), Steve Johns (drums),

Bill Moring (bass)


Recorded: Charlestown Road Studios. Hampton, NJ. March 25, 2007


Rating: 88/100 (learn more)

I have a friend who can't stand it when rock music gets “too jazzy.” Of course, I think he's nuts. For my ears, there's nothing more exciting than listening to a group of players attempting to run through some changes at breakneck speed. On “Sync,” Craig Yaremko and Nathan Eklund do just that. After ripping through a head that's somehow reminiscent of Sonny Stitt's “Eternal Triangle,” the sax and trumpet fly, both separately and together – all of this while the bass and drums swing furiously. When they get to trading fours near the end, I can feel myself breaking into a sweat. Too jazzy? You've got to be kidding me!

Reviewer: Mark Saleski


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