Martial Solal: Zag Zig


Zag Zig


Martial Solal (piano)


NY-1/Live at the Village Vanguard (Blue Note)

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Martial Solal (piano), François Moutin (bass), Bill Stewart (drums).

Composed by Claudia Solal


Recorded: Village Vanguard, New York September 21-23, 2001


Rating: 85/100 (learn more)

Some have said that Solal is one of the most illustrious followers of Art Tatum, as far as sheer virtuosity is concerned. During this concert, recorded a couple of days after 09/11/2001, the great French pianist seems to be more interested in exploring various moods than in showing muscles. With the help of one of his regular bass players and an excellent drummer he’s less familiar with, Solal first creates a rubato rhythmic and harmonic climate, then the melody and a regular beat appear with a rather dark atmosphere, and finally everything becomes joyous and swift, with a light bouncing melody. A metaphor of the soothing Solal wanted to bring to an audience that had just experienced horror?

Reviewer: Thierry Quénum

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