Nancy King: Sweeper Man


Sweeper Man


Nancy King (vocals)


Cliff Dance (Justice Records JR 0803)

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Nancy King (vocals), Art Lande (piano), Glen Moore (bass), Gary Hobbs (drums).

Music composed by Miles Davis with words by Samantha Ashley Moore


Recorded: Portland, OR, March, 1993


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

Music: the encompassing ocean. The wind: the omnipresent Miles. The vessel: one of his transcendent compositions; its sails: a carefully woven lyric. Aboard are four aural explorers, Captain King at the helm, her voice wafting over waves like whale spray, a grand nod to Miles in her flowing phrasing. Enhance this seascape with Art Landeís atmospheric soundboarding, Gary Hobbsís clever sweepwork, and Glen Moore channeling through his 1715 Klotz bass, and itís clear that the magnificence of jazz lies not only in its tempestuous past, but beneath its surface where, fathoms deep, another sonorous universe waits to be discovered.

Reviewer: Marissa Dodge


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