Frank Sinatra: Heart of Mine


Heart of Mine


Frank Sinatra (vocals)


Sinatra in Hollywood: 1940-1964 (Reprise/Warner Bros.)

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Frank Sinatra (vocals),

and orchestra arranged and conducted by Jerry Fielding


Composed by Jerry Fielding and Ned Washington


Recorded: September 18, 1961


Rating: 94/100 (learn more)

This touching ballad is considered by many to be the Sinatra song that never was. Absent from even the most comprehensive discographies, the tune was recorded by Sinatra only once—for the 1962 Otto Preminger film, Advise and Consent. Sinatra deep-sixed the recording after the tune was used in the controversial movie as mood music for a scene in a gay bar. What makes this ballad so endearing is its haunting melody and Sinatra’s wide-open vulnerability, which can be compared only to a Billie Holiday vocal.

Reviewer: Marc Myers


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