Frank Sinatra: Here's to the Losers


Here's to the Losers


Frank Sinatra (vocals)


Softly As I Leave You (Reprise)

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Frank Sinatra (vocals),

and orchestra arranged and conducted by Marty Paich


Recorded: July 31, 1963


Rating: 97/100 (learn more)

This is Sinatra at his underdog best, a tribute to those who can’t seem to land right-side up. Like a Coleman Hawkins solo, Sinatra’s singing is wide open. Paich’s arrangement accelerates beautifully and is a tip of the snap-brim to Nelson Riddle—from the call and response intro between reeds and trombones to the crafty use of strings, harp and even bongos. And dig the chime that follows Sinatra’s jabbing lyric: “To the girl who sighs with envy / when she hears that wedding bell.” Ding.

Reviewer: Marc Myers


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