Frank Sinatra: How Little it Matters (How Little We Know)


How Little It Matters (How Little We Know)


Frank Sinatra (vocals)


Sinatra’s Sinatra (Warner Bros)

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Frank Sinatra (vocals),

and orchestra arranged and conducted by Nelson Riddle


Composed by Carolyn Leigh and Philip Springer


Recorded: April 30, 1963


Rating: 95/100 (learn more)

First recorded by Sinatra in 1956 for Capitol, this Carolyn Leigh-Phillip Springer tune was brought back for a retooling on this album of Sinatra favorites. The purpose of this album was to bring the hits he made for Capitol onto his new Reprise label. The brassy update is pure Kennedy Administration, with Riddle shaking together an optimistic cocktail of trombones, muted trumpets and strings. Dig Riddle’s opening—with the bass clarinet playing the downbeat, followed by pizzicato strings and muted trumpets on top. Sinatra’s voice here is no longer restrained, and his sass and cool provide a glimpse of the Sinatra to come on future albums.

Reviewer: Marc Myers


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