Pat Martino: The Visit


The Visit


Pat Martino (guitar)


Footprints (32 Jazz 32021)

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Pat Martino (guitar), Richard Davis (bass), Billy Higgins (drums),

Bobby Rose (guitar)


Recorded: March, 24, 1972


Rating: 85/100 (learn more)

Pat Martino is widely recognized as one of the guitar's greatest stylists after Wes Montgomery and before the rock-influenced generation of Scofield/Metheny/Frisell/Stern. This “in between” status may explain why he is often considered a musician’s musician. But though he was a friend and admirer of Montgomery, Martino managed to carve his own individual style outside the giant’s shadow. This basic blues with its simple funky melody and infectious 6/8 rhythm is a good example of Martino’s virtuosity and creativity. His guitar seems to effortlessly produce beautifully constructed choruses one after another, until it brings the whole band (and the listener) to a climax of joyous exhilaration. Something of a perfect match between form and feeling.

Reviewer: Thierry Quénum


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