Paul Desmond & Gerry Mulligan: All the Things You Are


All The Things You Are


Paul Desmond (alto sax) and Gerry Mulligan (baritone sax)


Two of a Mind (RCA-Bluebird 9654-2 RB)

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Paul Desmond (alto sax), Gerry Mulligan (baritone sax), Wendell Marshall (bass), Connie Kay (drums).

Composed by Jerome Kern & Oscar Hammerstein III


Recorded: New York, July 3, 1962


Rating: 85/100 (learn more)

If “All the Things You Are" is not the most played standard, it must be close. So, what is so special about this version by Paul Desmond and Gerry Mulligan? First, the fact that they begin by sharing the melodic line, playing long notes in turns, which gives the tune a brand new color. Then they push the originality one step farther when the alto plays the bridge while the baritone plays counterpoint over the melody. Each solo, supported by an excellent rhythm team, is a little gem, as one should expect from two improvisers like Desmond and Mulligan. But again it’s the latter’s art of counterpoint that makes this version unique among a thousand of others.

Reviewer: Thierry Quénum

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