Horace Silver: Enchantment




Horace Silver (piano)


Six Pieces of Silver (Blue Note 7243 5 25648 2 8)

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Horace Silver (piano), Donald Byrd (trumpet), Hank Mobley (tenor sax), Doug Watkins (bass), Louis Hayes (drums).

Composed by Horace Silver


Recorded: Hackensack, NJ, November 10, 1956


Rating: 95/100 (learn more)

New Mexico invited trouble in 1941 by emblazoning "Land of Enchantment" on their license plates. Enchanted visitors soon dropped out of the sky, most alarmingly at Roswell in 1947. The mystery deepened in 1956 when jazz encyclopedist Leonard Feather, writing of Horace Silver's "Enchantment," referred suggestively to "devices not typical of him," yet stopped short of alleging either extraterrestrial involvement or government cover-up. All we can say at this remove is that "Enchantment," set against an insinuating beat and with Mobley's standout lyricism, is among Silver's most intriguing tunes, reminiscent of Brown & Roach's slithery "Delilah" (1954). A band of enchantment.

Reviewer: Alan Kurtz

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