Taylor Haskins: Live Free or Die


Live Free or Die


Taylor Haskins (trumpet, synthesizer)


Wake Up Call (Fresh Sounds N.T. 145)

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Taylor Haskins (trumpet, synthesizer), Andrew Rathburn (tenor sax), Guillermo Klein (piano), Ben Monder (guitar), Ben Street (bass), Jeff Hirshfield (drums),

Regina Bellantese (violin), Yusuke Yamamoto (percussion)


Composed by Taylor Haskins


Recorded: Paramus, N.J., August 20-21, 2000


Rating: 84/100 (learn more)

Among the 10% of U.S. state mottoes lauding liberty/freedom, the most in-your-face is New Hampshire’s. Echoing Patrick Henry's immortal pre-Revolutionary taunt “Give me liberty or give me death,” the Granite State’s post-Revolutionary "Live Free or Die" has since 1945 quickened the pulse of many New England motorists reading it on the license plate in front of them. Contrarian native son Taylor Haskins, however, tailors this rousing call to arms as a waltzing lullaby over soothing ostinato, lobbying perhaps for a new motto: "Stop Crying and Fall Asleep." (It might be better to leave that one off license plates.) If you’re shopping for lullabies, we recommend Richard Stoltzman’s express-to-slumberland “Brahms Dreams.”

Reviewer: Alan Kurtz


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