Joćo Gilberto: Estaté




JoĆ£o Gilberto (guitar, vocals)


Amoroso/Brasil (Warner Bros / Wea 45165)

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JoĆ£o Gilberto (guitar, vocals),

Jim Hughart (bass), Ralph Grierson (keyboards)


Arranged and conducted by Claus Ogerman.Composed by Bruno Martino & Bruno Brighetti


Recorded: November, 1976 in New York City


Rating: 95/100 (learn more)

It's not often that a modern Italian song becomes an international success . . much less a jazz standard. So when the bossa nova founder, Joćo Gilberto, recorded "Estaté" (eh STAH tay) in the fall of 1976, he achieved a rare feat. Although written in 1960 (and not as a bossa), "Estaté" had lived in obscurity until revived by Gilberto. Besides the indisputable beauty of the song's melody and chord changes, its message of love's hope and sorrow must have appealed to Joćo's own sense of saudade – Brazilian longing or melancholy. On this recording – indeed, throughout Amoroso – Gilberto's gentle vocal style, accent, and understated rhythmic guitar are balanced by Claus Ogerman's lush orchestral arrangement, resulting in a moving, memorable listening experience. Bravo Joćo!

Reviewer: Steve Carlton

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