Brother Jack McDuff: Moon Rappin'


Moon Rappin'


Jack McDuff (organ, piano)


Moon Rappin’ (Blue Note 38697)

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Jack McDuff (organ, piano), Richard Davis (bass),

Bill Phillips (tenor sax, flute), Jerry Byrd (guitar), Joe Dukes (drums), Others unknown


Recorded: New York, December 3, 1969


Rating: 83/100 (learn more)

An 8-track copy of “Moon Rappin’” should be stored safely in the dash of every 1970s Cadillac for emergency top-down cruising purposes. The bass-driven intro, supported by spacey guitar wahs, reverb-heavy, ringing piano chords and a smooth guitar counterpoint, establishes some untouchable funk that is both “get down” dirty and buttery slick. After the heavily textured melody meanders through a maze of unexpected harmonic twists and turns, McDuff rips over the original groove on his B-3 and then treats listeners to a rare acoustic piano solo. While the leader displays a surprisingly delicate touch, the group begins to ramble and things become a tad unfocused—perhaps a second soloist may have moved things along better. However, the flaws in execution are easily forgotten if you let yourself get lost in the groove. It’ll be well worth it.

Reviewer: Matt Leskovic

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