Gene Harris and the Three Sounds: I'm Still Sad


I'm Still Sad


Gene Harris and the Three Sounds


Gene Harris and the Three Sounds – Live At The ‘It Club’ (Blue Note 35338)

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Gene Harris (piano), Carl Burnett (drums), Henry Franklin (bass).

Recorded: Hollywood, March 6, 1970


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

“I’m Still Sad” proves that wires aren’t needed to conduct electricity—the Three Sounds have enough juice flowing from their limbs they could power the It Club’s entire lighting rig and then some. This acoustic trio doesn’t simply set a groove, they work meticulously inside it—shifting rhythms, dynamics and motives to keep things fresh. They have the chops and sympathetic ears that many soul-jazz groups lack, though their sophistication never distracts them from their game plan—funkin’ out some gospel blues. Harris works with concise blues licks, playing a game of call and response with himself. Burnett’s tight, snappy backbeat and Franklin’s lively bass lead the group towards a soul-jazz catharsis.

Reviewer: Matt Leskovic

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