Richard 'Groove' Holmes: Mr. Clean


Mr. Clean



Comin’ On Home (Blue Note 38701)

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Richard 'Groove' Holmes (organ),

Weldon Irvine (electric piano), Gerald Hubbard (guitar), Jerry Jemmott (bass), Darryl Washington (drums), Ray Armando (congas), James Davis (percussion)


Recorded: New York, May 19, 1971


Rating: 85/100 (learn more)

Less overtly R&B than other rare grooves, the psychedelic “Mr. Clean” is more Bitches Brew than it is James Brown. The groove is urgent and pressing, and harmonically it explores a darker, more mysterious side of soul-jazz. Holmes uses a spacey echo effect during his solo, priming his B-3 and the rest of his bandmates for liftoff. There is an intense energy that rumbles throughout the track, occasionally peaking like the cresting and crashing of waves as the group navigates a precarious alien soundscape. “Mr. Clean” sounds like no other song in the Blue Note rare groove catalog, and that alone makes it an intriguing listen.

Reviewer: Matt Leskovic

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