Enrico Pieranunzi: Winter Moon


Winter Moon



Live in Japan (Cam Jazz CAMJ 7797-2)

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Enrico Pieranunzi (piano), Marc Johnson (bass), Joey Baron (drums).

Recorded: Tokyo & Yokohama, March 18 to 24, 2004


Rating: 85/100 (learn more)

The members of this trio have known each other for many years and the Atlantic is no barrier to them. They have found a common language, and speak it with great fluency. On a lyrical repetitive motif he penned, Pieranunzi builds a melodic crescendo with a gorgeous touch and sensual voicings. He then lets Johnson’s bass take over and tell its story with a typical mellow voice and dynamic accents. All the way through, Baron maintains a subtle, tonic pulse, that ties the two soloist together and effectively serves as the cement of the triangle.

Reviewer: Thierry Quénum

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