Stan Kenton: Warm Blue Stream


Warm Blue Stream


Stan Kenton (piano)


More Mellophonium Moods (Status 1010)

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Stan Kenton (piano), Jean Turner (vocals), Marvin Stamm (trumpet),

Bob Behrendt, Gary Slavo, Keith LaMotte, Dalton Smith (trumpets), Tom Ringo, Bob Fitzpatrick, Bud Parker, Jim Amlotte (trombones), Dave Wheeler (tuba), Dwight Carver, Lou Gasca, Jim Knight, Ray Starling (mellophoniums), Gabe Baltazar (alto sax), Ray Florian, Charlie Mariano (tenor saxes), Allan Beutler (baritone sax), Joel Kaye (bass sax), Bucky Calabrese (bass), John Von Ohlen (drums)


Composed by Sara Cassey and Dottie Wayne. Arranged by Lennie Niehaus


Recorded: live at Patio Gardens, Lagoon Park, Salt Lake City, UT, August 23-25, 1962


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

Recorded by Wally Heider during a live gig, this track is notable for several reasons. The song itself deserves more exposure and performances; this is a beautiful arrangement for the mellophonium ensemble by Niehaus; and the track highlights one of Kenton's finest singers. Turner was 25 when she joined the band, one of the few black musicians Stan featured in his long career. Turner joined Harry James' band in 1965 and then disappeared. There are many listeners who don't associate Kenton's music with such lovely and jazzy sounds. Marvin Stamm plays the muted trumpet under the vocal.

Reviewer: Jeff Sultanof

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