King Crimson: Indiscipline




King Crimson


Discipline (E.G. Music 3629-2)

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Robert Fripp (guitar and devices), Bill Bruford (drums),

Adrian Belew (vocals, guitar), Tony Levin (vocals, stick, bass)


Composed by King Crimson


Recorded: date unknown; released in 1981


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

This is a tough call. What is this? Is it power progressive rock? Is it jazz-fusion? Is it something else? The vocals sound like something a Zappa band may have done. But in between those vocals, some of Zappa's bands sounded an awful lot like a jazz-rock group. I would argue that Zappa, especially after touring with Mahavishnu, became more a jazz-rocker than a rocker. Suspiciously, guitarist Adrian Belew had played with Zappa. Could there be a connection?

"Indiscipline" is a piston-driven electric fusion anthem interrupted from time to time by incongruous talking vocals. The instrumental sections, at their most intense, sound like something the Mahavishnu Orchestra might have broken into. The Crimson has more than a foot in the jazz-rock waters here. So in this case, it is easy for me to say this is fusion music. At the very least I suggest that without fusion this song would never have happened. The master Fripp would disagree with me about that last statement.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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