Erik Friedlander: Jim Zipper


Jim Zipper



Broken Arm Trio (Skipstone Records)

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Erik Friedlander (cello),

Trevor Dunn (bass), Mike Sarin (drums)


Composed by Erik Friedlander


Recorded: January 24-25, 2008


Rating: 92/100 (learn more)

It's an old, yet pertinent story. Jazz bassist Oscar Pettiford broke his arm playing baseball in 1949. During his recuperation, he turned to the cello, which he tuned like a bass (though up one octave). This resulted in a handful of cello-based projects, including My Little Cello (named after Pettiford's newborn son). For Broken Arm Trio, inspired by Pettiford, Erik Friedlander dispenses with the bow, playing his cello pizzicato. On "Jim Zipper," Friedlander and his cohorts hold on for dear life to a melody that can just about contain itself. With its jagged rhythms, breathtaking start-&-stop incidents, and furious runs, it's a lot of action packed into only 68 seconds. Hopefully, Oscar Pettiford would be proud.

Reviewer: Mark Saleski

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