Tom Teasley: Good Foot Dervish


Good Foot Dervish


Tom Teasley (drums, doumbek, gonkogi bell, riq, shakers)


Painting Time (T&T Music TT0706)

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Tom Teasley (drums, doumbek, gonkogi bell, riq, shakers),

John Jenson (trombone), Bruce Swaim (tenor saxophone), James King (bass), Nasar Abadey (congas)


Composed by Tom Teasley & Chris Battistone


Recorded: Springfield, VA


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

A word of warning here: do not listen to this song in the presence of any furniture whose main feature is a sturdy, flat surface (coffee tables, kitchen tables, etc.) as you will feel a strong desire to leap onto said platform and wave around random body parts. Teasley and bassist James King set up a muscular groove (providing yet another example of my long-held thesis that congas are the mostest funnest instruments on the planet) over which the horns are allowed to run rampant. Imagine the Tower of Power making a trip to the Middle East. Just don't do that while you're bustin' your coffee-table legs.

Reviewer: Mark Saleski

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