Bill Bruford: One of a Kind - Part Two


One of a Kind - Part Two


Bill Bruford (drums)


One of a Kind (EG Records EGCD40)

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Bill Bruford (drums),

Dave Stewart (keyboards), Allan Holdsworth (guitar), Jeff Berlin (bass)


Composed by Dave Stewart & Bill Bruford


Recorded: London, England, January-February 1979


Rating: 92/100 (learn more)

In reviewing "Hell's Bells" from One of a Kind, I suggested the group, at least on this record, was half progressive rock and half fusion. As I listen to the music more to write further reviews, I am changing my mind a bit. It is now 60-40 in favor of fusion. I may change my view again tomorrow. But I write the words when I feel them.

Thirty years after it was recorded, the thing that really stands out on "One of a Kind - Part Two" is just how contemporary this music still sounds. If I listened to it without any information, I would have no trouble telling you the music could have been recorded last week. Bruford's shuffling drums back some ambient noise, synth and the engrossing guitar efforts of Allan Holdsworth. One of the problems with early synthesizers is that they have a tendency to sound really outdated years later. What was so thrilling then can seem almost toy-like today. None of that is apparent with Stewart's workout here. In between, the great Jeff Berlin can be heard advancing bass technique. Some well-placed Bruford pounding and Holdsworth volleys catch our attention. The tune steadily gains complexity and energy, leading to an abrupt climax.

There is a lot of fine musicianship going on here. As a longstanding fusion fan, I regret not having paid more attention to Bruford at the time. That was a big mistake that lessened the quality of my life.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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