Ron Carter: Cubano Chant


Cubano Chant


Ron Carter (bass)


When Skies Are Grey… (Blue Note 30754-2)

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Ron Carter (bass),

Stephen Scott (piano), Harvey Mason (drums), Steve Kroon (percussion)


Composed by Ray Bryant


Recorded: New York, May 1, 2000


Rating: 85/100 (learn more)

This jazz standard from the Fifties gets the Ron Carter treatment, and it couldn't be in better hands. It's great to hear the bassist address the head, and the additional percussion of Steve Kroon does much to flesh out this arrangement, making the ensemble sound bigger than it is. Scott's solo stays in the Latin mode for the most part, while injecting plenty of swing and blues throughout. The rhythmic shift that precedes Mason's solo breaks things up nicely, paving the way for an understated yet authoritative showing from the drummer. It all wraps up with a short return to the intro melody, proving once again that less can be more.

Reviewer: Frank Murphy

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