Royce Campbell (featuring Joe Kennedy): Happy Rhythm


Happy Rhythm


Royce Campbell (guitar)


Get Happy (Foxhaven FX 70022)

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Royce Campbell (guitar), Joe Kennedy (violin),

Paul Langosch (bass)


Composed by Royce Campbell


Recorded: Sandy Spring, MD, 2005


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

An empyrean venture on multiple levels: three Olympian musicians, ethereal feel, supernal solos, a sonically cosmic recording, Joe Kennedy's finale, and a transcendent celebration of his life. Joe was one of the handful of jazz violinists who played in the classic Venuti style, yet clearly had his own voice and vocabulary. With equal parts swing and phrase-ability, Joe was a master musician. On this hip track he syncs up and trades off on the melody with guitarist Royce Campbell, and three brilliant solos unfold, the last from lyrical Paul Langosch (a Tony Bennett veteran), who stylishly adds enough slap-and-pull percussion on his bass to groove ad infinitum. Royce Campbell is a beatific player who imparts inspired lines with just the right stroke of swing and sensitivity. He produced the CD with Joe's spirit in mind, and it shines lastingly.

Reviewer: Marissa Dodge

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