Bill Bruford: Land's End


Land's End


Bill Bruford (drums)


Gradually Going Tornado (EG Records EGCD44)

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Bill Bruford (drums),

Dave Stewart (keyboards), John Clark (guitar), Jeff Berlin (bass)


Composed by Dave Stewart


Recorded: Surrey, England, October-November 1979


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

"Land's End" is an interesting piece. It is very much Weather Report meets the progressive sounds of rock group Focus. Keyboardist Stewart has Joe Zawinul down! Berlin also seems to be channeling the live spirit of his contemporary Jaco Pastorius. The grandeur and sweep of the piece is also reminiscent of the material Focus would tackle from time to time. John Clark captures that guitar energy supplied to Focus by Jan Akkerman. Once the rhythms start kicking in, courtesy of Mr. Bruford, the jazz-fusion elements fully take over. Well, for a while anyway, until a straight rocker emerges that leads to an anthem-rock ending that is pure Focus. Have I made myself clear? Weather Report meets Focus. Yeah. That's right. That's the ticket.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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