Steve Allee: Dragonfly




Steve Allee (piano)


Dragonfly (OWL 00117)

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Steve Allee (piano),

Bill Moring (bass), Tim Horner (drums)


Composed by Steve Allee


Recorded: Nashville, IN, 2008


Rating: 92/100 (learn more)

The title cut from Steve Allee's 2008 release, "Dragonfly" is a well-conceived, lively composition with a bouncy and melodious motif that is revisited frequently. In between, Allee adds interesting interludes and effortlessly changes tempo, especially for the slowed-down funky midsection where Moring testifies for the blues. Elsewhere, Allee employs a nimble touch, steering all around the variations in the cadence and taking a two-fisted approach to his solo run, replete with swift and fiery right-hand runs. Horner's double-timed pulse is crisp, with just the right amount of fills to push the leader along. Perhaps most importantly, "Dragonfly" demonstrates Allee's ability to construct, and execute to near perfection, a demanding composition that induces toe-tapping.

Reviewer: S. Victor Aaron

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