Bill Bruford: Five G


Five G


Bill Bruford (drums)


One of a Kind (EG Records EGCD40)

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Bill Bruford (drums),

Dave Stewart (keyboards), Allan Holdsworth (guitar), Jeff Berlin (bass)


Composed by Jeff Berlin, Dave Stewart & Bill Bruford


Recorded: London, England, January-February 1979


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

I have been told by reliable sources that bassist Jeff Berlin wasn't always happy with the way he was mixed when he appeared on Bruford's albums. He felt he was mixed too low. Whether true or whether he was right or not, that certainly is not the case on "Five G." He is the piece's chief protagonist. His funky and involving bassline introduces and carries the show from beginning to end. At times he is doubled by guitarist Holdsworth, who turns in yet another impressive fusion guitar display. The tune is full of theme changes and super chops, most often presented by Holdsworth and Berlin. In those days Bruford, who is a great drummer but never seems to draw attention to himself, presided over one of the most interesting fusion groups that just happened to be disguised as a progressive rock band.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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