George Benson: We All Remember Wes


We All Remember Wes


George Benson (guitar)


Weekend in L.A. (Warner Bros 3139)

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George Benson (guitar), Ronnie Foster (keyboards), Phil Upchurch (rhythm guitar), Harvey Mason (drums), Ralph MacDonald (percussion),

Jorge Dalto (keyboards), Stanley Banks (electric bass)


Recorded: Los Angeles, February 1, 1977


Rating: 95/100 (learn more)

True jazz lovers and jazz guitar geeks should rejoice when they hear this one! Itís a song written in tribute to the one-and-only Wes Montgomery by the one-and-only Stevie Wonder. And although the song is done with a pseudo-disco beat on the drums, itís got a rock-solid, head-bobbing groove, and carries some meaty chord changes as well.

Here is George at his improvisational best. Not a note is wasted as he makes his way through these changes, one second like a heavyweight boxing champ and the next a balance beam gymnast. There are countless causes for oohs and ahhs here, but never so much as the slightest stumble. His time-feel is off the chart. It feels like heís so at one with this groove that heís both inside of it and riding on top of it at the same time.

This is Benson in the zone. And master that he is, he knows that his one chorus solo is plenty.

Reviewer: Bobby Broom

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