Jimmy Herring: Splash




Jimmy Herring (guitar)


Lifeboat (Abstract Logix ABLX 013)

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Jimmy Herring (guitar), Greg Osby (sax),

Kofi Burbridge (piano, flute), Oteil Burbridge (bass), Jeff Sipe (drums)


Composed by Kofi Burbridge


Recorded: Atlanta, Woodstock and Norcross, GA, 2008


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

"Splash" is not necessarily one of the best cuts on the stellar Lifeboat. That says more about the quality of the album than about the virtues of this piece because this is really good music. Apparently pianist and flautist Kofi Burbridge wrote the song when he was in the 10th grade. That is astounding. Herring and crew really get down with this pretty much straight-ahead jazz blues number with walking bass, solo turns and all. There is a lot of pleasing doubling and tripling up on the slightly Middle Eastern opening riffs. The tune quickly becomes domestic. The first solo turn is Herring's. He lets loose with a scorching display of feeling and dexterity. Kofi Burbridge is next and kills on piano, with his brother Oteil's bass leading the way in the background. Then he quickly picks up his flute and swings the shit out of it. Saxophonist Greg Osby next goes at it with unflagging skill and enthusiasm. This is a high-energy workout that will have you moving parts of your body. It's a real set-ender!

"Splash" is progressive jazz music that any star of that genre would be proud to have been a part of. I wouldn't be surprised if it starts to get covered by some jazzers.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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