Andrew Hill & Chico Hamilton: Watch That Dream


Watch That Dream


Andrew Hill (piano) and Chico Hamilton (drums)


Dreams Come True (Joyous Shout 0010)

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Andrew Hill (piano), Chico Hamilton (drums).

Composed by Andrew Hill


Recorded: Astoria, New York, March 25-26, 1993 (CD released in 2008)


Rating: 91/100 (learn more)

This 2008 CD draws on a session from 1993 matching pianist Andrew Hill and drummer Chico Hamilton. Generally the bass serves as intermediary between these two instruments, and when it is absent you expect each player to work all the harder to lock into his partner's respective groove. Yet the exact opposite happens throughout this entire session: both Hill and Hamilton seem to pursue their own individual vision on each song, and rarely have the same rhythmic conception in mind. This might seem a recipe for disaster, but the results are fascinating. Here Hill builds his performance on disjunction and displacement while Hamilton offers up a shimmering percussive flow. These two grand stylists both stake out their territory, and neither one budges. This continues to the end of the song—indeed, it is especially evident at the conclusion of the piece, since the two players appear to have a very different concept of closure here. Yet somehow a whimsical, attenuated relationship develops between their respective gambits. Riveting jazz . . . but I don't think many musicians could pull this off.

Reviewer: Ted Gioia

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