Giovanni Moltoni: While We Wait


While We Wait


Giovanni Moltoni (guitar/synth)


3 (C#2 Records)

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Giovanni Moltoni (guitar/synth),

Greg Hopkins (trumpet), Fernando Huergo (bass), Bob Tamagni (drums)


Composed by Giovanni Moltoni


Recorded: North Andover, MA, February-March 2008


Rating: 89/100 (learn more)

My favorite cut on guitarist Giovanni Moltoni's CD 3 is "Mystery Box." But alas another reviewer beat me to it. Drat! But I am still happy to point out that "While We Wait" is another satisfying cut.

Moltoni has a trace of Pat Metheny in him. You can hear it in his chord shadings and the warm ringing tone of his notes. There are also similarities in playing style and composing with the recently positively reviewed Gustavo Assis-Brasil. Moltoni is not as busy as Assis-Brasil, or Metheny for that matter, but he seems to reside in the same dimension.

Most of "While We Wait" lives in the center. There are no highs or lows. This is not a bad thing. As any political scientist will tell you, most action is in the center. Moltoni has crafted a very refined composition. His foil for this outing is trumpeter Greg Hopkins. The interplay between the two is reassuringly calm and beautiful. No it is not Smooth Jazz. (If it were, I would be gagging.) Instead it is melodic music that demanding jazz fans and curious bystanders alike will appreciate.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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