Michael Higgins: Alone Together


Alone Together


Michael Higgins (guitar)


The Moon and the Lady Dancing (self-produced)

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Michael Higgins (guitar),

Jay Anderson (bass), Adam Nussbaum (drums)


Composed by Arthur Schwartz & Howard Dietz


Recorded: New Paultz, NY, May 30, 2007


Rating: 88/100 (learn more)

Dear Reader: I have no idea when you will be reading this review. But as I write it this seems to be my week to write about great but understated guitarists. Maybe there is a movement afoot and I am missing it. Or maybe I will start it. Who knows? At any rate, Michael Higgins manages to impress with his prodigious chops even if his volume is only turned up to 5 and his treble control is switched to "off." He can play seamless melodic runs at speeds beyond comprehension. When he needs to swing it with chord progressions, he can do that too. He is ably assisted by bassist Jay Anderson and drummer Adam Nussbaum. At times it appears that Anderson and Nussbaum are mixed higher than the lead instrument. Don't test me on that though, as I have no sound-level meter. But in any case, "Alone Together" is satisfyingly presented in an understated but wholly effective way. This trio is full of enough tasty chops that I would wait in line to see them. And I hate lines.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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