Shakti: Bridge of Sighs


Bridge of Sighs




The Best of Shakti (Moment Records MRCD 1011)

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John McLaughlin (guitar),

L Shankar (violin), Zakir Hussain (tablas and percussion), T.H. Vinayakram (ghatam and percussion)


Composed by John McLaughlin & L Shankar


Recorded: Geneva, Switzerland, July 1977


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

"Bridge of Sighs," which originally appeared on Shakti's Natural Elements album, has lots of deep and dark minor funk blues notes from John McLaughlin. The tune has a gutbucket quality, a "Bombay Bounce" if you will. (Or should I now say a "Mumbai Mamba"?) Percussionists Hussain and Vinayakram syncopate their collective butts off as the proceedings get a bit nasty. McLaughlin starts to stretch things out as only he can. McLaughlin & L Shankar go ballistic la the unison route as the tune chugs along. Beyond the newness of the fusing of East and West improvised music, there is nothing really profound to here. That is, unless you are like me and just appreciate getting caught up in an infectious groove laid down by cats who encircle it from every direction.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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