Bireli Lagrene: Wave (1983)




Bireli Lagrene (guitar)


Special Guests - Larry Coryell and Miroslav Vitous (Jazzpoint Records 1049)

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Bireli Lagrene (guitar), Larry Coryell (guitar), Miroslav Vitous (bass).

Composed by Antonio Carlos Jobim


Recorded: Muehle Hunziken, Switzerland, May 2-3, 1986


Rating: 89/100 (learn more)

By-rote versions of well-worn jazz classics are generally defined as "filler." However, this fitting tribute to the Gershwin of Brazil is well served by the spirit of gypsy jazz, alive and well via the years of expertise that Lagrene, Coryell and Vitous carry to the stage. The trio lends new charm to a cut with unbreakable ties to the Latin heritage. And most importantly, Lagrene's fusion musings on guitar are not forced to succumb to the familiarity of a lead sheet. Overall, the track is successful due to this combo's uber-chops and stylistic panache.

Reviewer: Marcus Singletary

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