Rachael Price: You Go To My Head


You Go To My Head


Rachael Price (vocals)


The Good Hours (Claire Vision Productions)

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Rachael Price (vocals),

Warren Wolf (piano, vibes), Erik Privert (bass), David Brophy (drums)


Composed by Fred Coots & Haven Gillespie


Recorded: Acton, MA and Hendersonville, TN; released September 2008


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

Listening to this young diva intonate so wonderfully on her sensual rendition of "You Go To My Head," you'd swear you're hearing someone older and more experienced in the ways of the world, not to mention the vagaries of love. Rachael Price's control simmers with the assurance of a veteran chanteuse, belying her mere 23 years of age. Her breathy, melancholic delivery is reinforced by pianist's Wolf's blues-based solo. This particular track reminds me of Anita Baker in her heyday, and ought to be popular with both jazz and pop music lovers. Perhaps with this familiar song as bait, the general public will hook into the artistry of this young and rising talent.

Reviewer: Ralph A. Miriello

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