Jan Hammer & Jerry Goodman: Country and Eastern Music


Country and Eastern Music


Jan Hammer (keyboards, percussion, vocals) and Jerry Goodman (violin, electric guitar, strings, vocals)


Like Children (Wounded Bird WOU 430)

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Jan Hammer (keyboards, percussion, vocals), Jerry Goodman (violin, electric guitar, strings, vocals).

Composed by Jan Hammer


Recorded: Nederland, Colorado, 1974


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

After the Mahavishnu Orchestra broke up in 1973, its keyboardist Jan Hammer and violinist Jerry Goodman recorded Like Children. Jan and Jerry decided to play all of the instruments and to even sing. Unfortunately some of Goodman's insecurities arose during and after the sessions. Jerry always had a difficult time being pleased with his work. (This is not news. He has been public with this issue.) It delayed the album's release. As a result, much of the commercial momentum the two carried into the project from Mahavishnu was lost. Additionally, management had originally planned to release the record when they believed it would get the most notice. Instead they were forced to release it during a very heavy release period and it got lost in the crowd.

"Country and Eastern Music" (the name of Jan Hammer's music publishing company) opens the album. Hammer begins with a catchy piano riff. Goodman, on electric guitar, doubles Hammer. Overdubbing then allows Goodman to triple on violin. A slow movement that features Jerry's violin comes. (In hindsight this section sounds very much like something Goodman would put on his Private Music albums a decade later.) The song's theme is quite infectious. You will be humming it. Then the two decide to sing. This is not great. But it is not embarrassing either. The lyrics are really sort of fun. Hammer and Goodman next do what we came for, stretching out electric fusion-style. They sound like Mahavishnu, which makes perfect sense. To end the tune, Goodman goes into his future Private Music mode to play out Hammer's impressive composition.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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